New Study Reveals One Surprising Reason for the Inventory Shortage

By Jessica Couch | Apr 24, 2019

New Study Reveals One Surprising Reason for the Inventory Shortage | Simplifying The MarketThere has been a great amount written on millennials and their impact on the housing market. However, the headlines often contradict each other. Some claim this generation is becoming the largest share of first-time home buyers, while others claim millennials don’t want to own a home, blaming them for the dip in homeownership rate. While […]

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With Inventory Low: Will Your Dream Home Need Some TLC?

By Jessica Couch | Apr 23, 2019

With Inventory Low: Will Your Dream Home Need Some TLC? | Simplifying The MarketAccording to a new survey from, the wave of first-time homebuyers hitting the market this summer has resulted in an interesting statistic. Nearly 60% of buyers searching for a home this spring are willing to consider buying a fixer-upper, with 95% believing that the projects needed will increase their new home’s value!’s Chief […]

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By Jessica Couch | Apr 22, 2019
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Selling Your House: Here’s Why You Need A Pro In Your Corner!

By Jessica Couch | Apr 22, 2019

With home prices on the rise and buyer demand still strong, some sellers may be tempted to try to sell their homes on their own rather than using the services of a real estate professional. Real estate agents are trained and experienced in negotiation while, in most cases, the seller is not. Sellers must realize […]]]>

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5 Reasons Why Millennials Buy a Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Jessica Couch | Apr 19, 2019

Some Highlights:

  • “The majority of millennials said they consider owning a home more sensible than renting for both financial and lifestyle reasons — including control of living space, flexibility in future decisions, privacy and security, and living in a nice home.”
  • The top reason millennials choose to buy is to have control over their living space, at 93%.
  • Many millennials who rent a home or apartment prior to buying their own homes dream of the day when they will be able to paint the walls whatever color they’d like or renovate an outdated part of their living space.

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Buyer Demand Surging as Spring Market Begins

By Jessica Couch | Apr 18, 2019

Last fall, some predicted that the 2019 residential real estate market would be a disaster. There was even belief we might experience a housing crash like the one that occurred during the last decade. However, according to two separate reports*, buyer demand dramatically increased over the last three months, leading into this spring buyers’ market […]]]>

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Are Low Interest Rates Here to Stay?

By Jessica Couch | Apr 17, 2019

Are Low Interest Rates Here to Stay? | Simplifying The MarketInterest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage have been on the decline since November, now reaching lows last seen in January 2018. According to Freddie Mac’s latest Primary Mortgage Market Survey, rates came in at 4.12% last week! This is great news for anyone who is planning on buying a home this spring! Freddie […]

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Homeowners: Now Is A Good Time To Sell Your House

By Jessica Couch | Apr 16, 2019

Homeowners: Now Is A Good Time To Sell Your House | Simplifying The MarketEvery month, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) releases their Seller Traffic Index as a part of their Realtors Confidence Index. In the latest release, NAR reported that homeowners have been reluctant to sell their houses. This is reflected when broken down by state. Only 11 states have a stable level of seller traffic compared […]

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3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying A Home

By Jessica Couch | Apr 15, 2019

If you are debating purchasing a home right now, you are probably getting a lot of advice. Though your friends and family have your best interests at heart, they may not be fully aware of your needs and what is currently happening in the real estate market. Ask yourself the following three questions to help […]

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