Things come together

By Jessica Couch | Dec 8, 2016

Don’t you just love it when things come together? This week I found myself looking for a payroll service. My first call was to a service that helps with payroll, as well as taxes. I chose this service because they give back to What I found was MUCH more than […]

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3 Ingredients Steamed Green Beans

By Jessica Couch | Nov 18, 2016

Steamed Green Beans – only 3 ingredients! Hi there – Deb again from Bowl Me Over.  Jessica asked me to step in a share an easy side dish for the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I wanted to share an easy one with only 3 ingredients! Steamed Green Beans – I love […]

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Mediterranean White Bean Salad Recipe

By Jessica Couch | Nov 3, 2016

Mediterranean White Bean Salad The White Teary Beans used in this salad have been provided by Romona Farms. Sharing this recipe with you today is so exciting! I know this is a recipe that you (and Jessica!) would really enjoy.  It’s full of bright delicious flavor.  Loads of crunch, protein and flavor. It’s […]

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Searching For Purpose

By Jessica Couch | Oct 31, 2016

Searching for purpose   Several years ago I met Teresa at the elementary school harvest fair. Teresa encouraged me to get involved with the Christmas event that she organized each year. Along with a full-time job out of town for a nonprofit, this single mom managed to  organize a Christmas […]

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My Long Affair With Running

By Jessica Couch | Oct 25, 2016

My long affair with running. Many years ago, long before I gave a thought to spending money on running shoes or running gear I met a man that changed my life. It started with a trip to Ross, where I found a discounted pair of Saucony running shoes. Not realizing […]

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Easy Recipe for a Vegan Nut Burger

By Jessica Couch | Oct 17, 2016

Nut Burgers – can life without meat exist?  Yes it can!  “You ever notice when you tell someone you’re going vegan everyone is like – Why would you do that? How are you going to get your protein? – but on the other hand if you tell them you’re going […]

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What Inspired Living is to me

By Jessica Couch | Oct 4, 2016

What Inspired Living is to me This is my first blog post. I am excited to start a blog about INSPIRED LIVING, and what that means to me. If you read my bio, you know I find inspiration everywhere. I  recently  given a lot of thought to creating inspiration. I […]

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