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Buying Downtown – Are you ready to get serious?

Buying Downtown – Are you ready to get serious?

Where should we shop?

Downtown…you know where everything is waiting for you?

Your welcome! Now that that song is stuck in your head….

Let’s get serious about what your buying downtown!

Look at this deal! Quad=4 units. Currently rented for $1450 for each 2 bedroom, BUT…

Rent could be $1800-$1900 each unit. Giving you a 6.4% cap rate based on 3 rents, and giving you your 2/1 unit for FREE!!

Rent would exceed your mortgage payment, water, sewer, garbage, minimal repairs, and property management. AMAZING RIGHT?

So when my buyer tells me she wants to live DOWNTOWN!

I take her DOWNTOWN, with a PROFIT.

If you are interested in buying, selling, investing the time is NOW before rates rise.

CALL ME!  916-532-8916

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