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John 11.33

This morning this was our scripture, and it reminds me that we don’t always need to fix things. Maybe our friend in tears just needs a hug As no, surprise it’s all in God’s good time. Yesterday, without any planning I literally ran into a woman, I have not talked to in almost three years. …

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Slow to Anger

Slow to anger, only seems fitting while quarantining with your family at home, right? I’ve lost track of what day we’re on, no literally sometimes I really don’t know the date. All my days are running together in this new life we are living while quarantining. So many of us are pushed beyond our breaking …

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Monday is my favorite!

Time to dive in and get to work. Mondays for me start with a mastermind call right after the home workout. We are working on personal growth during this season of mastermind and really connecting with our purpose. This scripture really stuck with me and carried into my morning mastermind call and personal growth chart …

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Our High Vibe Tribe.

This morning on my mastermind our discussion was feeding the hungry. This is not a mastermind where we share scriptures, or even talk about faith, however….. this very scripture made itself known. One of our HIGH VIBE TRIBE, ( as we named our mastermind group) told us about her efforts with feeding and clothing the …

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