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Dude! You too can buy a HOUSE!! 🏡 At age 23 I bought my first house. I was encouraged by my friend who had been my roommate for many years as we struggled through month to month barely making it as young women. On our own we learned to make few staples. We basically lived on crockpot soup that I was famous …

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Choose joy!

Joy is a choice. For me, my joy begins with a large black cup of coffee at approximately 4:30 AM. My joy continues through cardio and weight training. My joy is on point during devotional time in the sauna, followed by prayer and meditation. My joy depends on finding intentional time every morning. I wear …

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Be Honest, Be kind.

Of course, of course, we know what to do. In this business, I have found not everyone is honest and kind. I have the privilege of working with some pretty awesome people in this business that are honest and kind. Because we are aware of keeping our standards high and our integrity in check, we …

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Listing Agent or Project Manager?

When I take on a listing here are just a few of the things that happen. 1-initial walk-through 2-deciding what work would be done 3-calling in all of my vendors to get the best price 4-calling all inspections at my cost 5-again using my vendors to bid work according to inspections 6-managing the work that …

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Just Freaking do it!!