Damiya Keys

Hello there!

My name is Damiya pronounced (DaMYAH). I am a native of the Bay Area and have familiarized myself with most areas though out California. A few things about myself, I am very energetic, determined, and pride myself on keeping a positive outlook in my everyday life. I am very much a driven individual who strives to get every task done. I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in Business as well as a Certificate in Real Estate sales. I enjoy being on the move and exploring new things! When I am not working and learning new things, I make sure to indulge myself in self care such as exercise, healthy eating, and representing my brand Eternity Waisted .

When you think of a realtor, what do you think? If I had to guess, it would be that realtors are everywhere and their number one goal is to sell you a home. When choosing this profession my first thought was how can I stand out from the rest and bring something different to the table? After some thought I got my answer. By putting myself in the potential buyers or seller shoes every time and by listening connecting with my clients in every way . I listen to their background of who they are and where they see themselves in the future. This allows me to personalize my clients and cater to their needs.

It is a priority that my clients get a full experience with every encounter we have. I’m not just there to give you suggestions on your home, I am there to represent you to the fullest, and see that your needs are met when looking for your dream home. It’s important to make sure each client I work with is in the right market for home buying and selling. I’m very eager to help shift mindsets that buying a new home is a exciting opportunity for you and your family.

I am ready to help you today fall in love with your new home! Are you ready? Let’s do this, we got this!


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