Diana Regalo

“The best way to find yourself is in the service of others.” Mahatma Ghandi” 10/2/1869-1/30/1948

I moved to the Sacramento area in 2014 with my husband and my school age children. I moved from the Bay Area seeking a small family friendly community. I found myself making friends and involving myself in activities in school and in church. I started helping in the special education department at the school district my kids attended and with my warm personality I met wonderful people that eventually led me to the right individual who helped me in my career change.

I have always made it a priority to work with a positive, hard working individuals. I love to surround myself with energetic, kind warm hearted people that truly educate and share information that will benefit our others and our community. My natural maternal instinct and warm heart allows me to serve and help families.

Serving first time home buyers, growing families that need bigger space, retiring individuals who need to downsize and people who suffered a loss of a home makes me happy beyond words. Playing a small role as a realtor and observing how excited people get with a new phase of a their life is priceless. Helping people with their dream home and facilitating a transaction with my team is not a job but a privilege.

Serving people and having a flexible schedule allows me to cook family meals, transport my children to and from school, catch up with friends over coffee, hosting family and friends in my cozy home and taking walks on a nearby trail. I find time to meet with people who are interested in a home they interested in purchasing or finding time to tell people how we can help save people money when they want to sell their home. My phone is on 24 hours seven days a week and I am always available to anyone that needs a question answered or needs some resources. It is in the service of others that I have found true happiness and feel like I have found my purpose.

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