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Don't be Busy, be PRODUCTIVE!


Wow! But I love being busy! I equate busy with happy! My happy place is found inside is very, very busy.

Productive? Well, that’s a little different. That means I need to track my activity. A  little more work. But in my case, it is a job for a talented virtual assistant. In my world, I’m used to tracking everything from the weights we lift in the morning to the amount of business we have coming in. Follow up is another thing we’re tracking.

Really tracking, means really being productive, rather than really just being busy. Welcome to my personal struggle. I love being busy so much that I find myself offering my time and resources to just about everyone. I do love helping people, I love working with my charity, I love helping my family,I love helping my friends start new businesses. But if I really have to track productivity, that makes me just a little bit nervous.

If there’s one thing I learned from my thousands of dollars I spent with many different personal coaches, it would be tracking productivity gives you measurable results.

Do you have a to-do list? Great start! If it’s written down, and you can attach a goal to it, you can check it off, you’re on your way…… This is tracking!

My husband tells me that a day off is necessary so that I can recharge my batteries. If I have a day free I really prefer to spend it painting something in my house or a second choice of organizing closets. I have to have something to make me feel productive, that re-energize is me taking a day off on the couch does not.

Because my virtual assistant does the majority of my tracking it ACTUALLY happens. left my own devices it’s easy for me to stay busy and not actually track any productivity. My amazing virtual assistant keeps track of several different spreadsheets, trackers, phone calls, follow up, to do list, and calendar.

Here is to productivity! Should you need a few hours a week with my virtual assistant, I can share ❤️


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