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Enjoy the silence

More than a Depeche Mode song, sometimes my afternoon theme.
Often a morning theme too.
You see, my mornings begin with a workout. Usually, a run followed by lifting, finishing with devotional and prayer in the sauna.
Aaaaahhhhhh…….the silence.

It’s my morning routine.
My prayer time.
My intentional time.
My silent time.

This afternoon as I finished my 8th call through my speakers while driving to my 5th appointment of the day, I had a thought.

Enjoy the silence.
I needed to quickly regroup.
Sometimes I get going so quickly that I’m just layering appointment after appointment conference call after conference call. Without really setting my intention, and being truly grateful about the meetings I am walking into.

Being intentional about what I’m here for. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help people.
I could get lost in the shuffle just thing after thing after thing, instead, I take a moment.
Enjoy the silence.