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Fettuccini in Cream Sauce – 30 Minute Meal

Fettuccini in Cream Sauce – 30 Minute Meal

We all need a go-to sauce we can put together in a pinch, right? This is my go-to and Cream Sauce is such a family favorite!

It’s easy to put together, only uses a few ingredients (you’ll probably have all of them on hand) and takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Gotta love that right?  😀

Fettuccini in Cream Sauce, who wants a bite?

To get started first put your water onto boil. Next melt the butter and lightly sauté the shallots for 4-5 minutes. Add the garlic and sauté until it becomes fragrant then the flour goes in. You will cook that for a minute or two. This will remove the flour taste. Add wine and stir until the lumps are removed.  The sauce will be very thick. From here it’s easy, you’ll add the half & half and stir in the cheese.  For the complete recipe for Fettuccini in Cream Sauce just click here.

This is easy – super fabulous and such a popular meal in our home.  Want to make it fancy?  Just sprinkle it with chopped parsley before serving.  Delish!

Mix, mix, mix!

One of the keys to a great Creamy Sauce is mixing everything well.  When the pasta is done, add it directly to the sauce. Take it right from the water into the sauce pan.  Mix it together really well.  If you think it’s mixed together enough – mix it a few more times.  This will make a huge difference in the end.

If the sauce is too thick, add a ladle of pasta water.  That will help loosen up the sauce!

Fancy enough for a crowd but easy enough for a weeknight meal.

What I really enjoy about this meal is that it’s fancy enough for a crowd but easy enough for a weeknight meal. Add a great salad and some crunchy garlic bread and you have a perfect meal!  For the complete recipe for Fettuccini with Cream Sauce please click here.

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