How to be a realtor.. Running optional..

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It all starts with running if you ask me. 

If you can run, you can do anything else. 

Note, there is no given speed, just the ability to put one foot in front of the other. 

A good work ethic is needed here too. 

I think the best way to keep your energy high is to stick with a daily work out. 

If you’re not sure how to start getting up earlier and making the most, of the earliest part of the day,  start with this great and short read……

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I already loved getting up early and working out. So incorporating, reading, journaling, meditation and prayer time seemed like a great idea. 

If your self employed it’s important to keep your energy high, and stay driven without anyone checking in to make sure you’re on point. 

Real Estate is a great career for those who love being self-employed and want to create their own ceiling. 

Initially, Real Estate seemed very complicated.  I struggled to figure out…..“how to everything”

How to write a contract 

How to chose the escrow company. 

How to choose a lender. 

Maybe my first question, should have been how to get a client?

I started off with foreclosures.  2010 really did not hold anything more than short sales and foreclosures. My broker had a deal with HUD and received many of their foreclosures which were passed out among the office. Most folks with experience knew that this was a silly and futile exercise and a waste of their time. 

Without having the experience I volunteered to take as many foreclosures as possible. Back then you were given a $500 stipend at the close of escrow, unless you represented the buyer, as a listing agent you were only paid $500.

I took as many as I can get. I had a lot of signs, in a lot of yards  ( a service I paid for) and a lot of marketing online ( another expense, without making any money) This  gave me the ability to send out postcards to all of my friends alerting them that I had  lots of listings, and lots of closings ( all short sales) that could be purchased under market. 

I gained little traction. Slowly working into new referrals to buyers from the Bay area, who wanted rental properties. 

In 2013, I started the year with a real estate course that offered to teach a group of agents on how to work by referral. It was terribly expensive to me at the time, at $500 a month. Upon signing up, It forever changed my career. 

Thirteen agents joined me in the conference room for a DVD series on working by referral. You know out of thirteen agents in the conference room I was the only one that doubled my business. Why?

Because I followed every single thing they told me to do! I was not about to waste $500 a month. This $500 a month afforded me two 30 min coaching sessions, monthly, via phone.  I was then encouraged to work by referral, and track everything that I did. 

What really solidified my decision to work by referral were these words…..


We’re serving? I love serving! I know how to do that! So we are out to serve and help all of our friends? Keep in touch with each and every one? Make time for coffee, lunches, parties, and BBQ’s? Ya! I think I can do that. My new accountability coach also introduced the idea of sending cards. thank you cards, get well cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards. What a Great way to keep in touch?

Also introduced was pop by gifts. 

And, of course, you must keep in touch by phone. 

Initially, everyone in the group was worried about overstepping a boundary. Calling and a gift? What if my friends are sick of hearing from me?

Because I was the only one that followed the exact direction, I knew the answer.  You know….. not one of my friends said to stop sending me cards! Will you knock it off with the gifts already! 

And, stop inviting me to lunch!

My friends love our friendship and love to be acknowledged and invited to lunch, and who doesn’t love gifts? 

This new found freedom of serving rather than selling….served me well. 

I doubled my business is 2013, and soon 

Found a Broker with a similar view on serving, and structure to help coach agents. I knew serving was the way to build your business. Making new friends, each and every day. In fact, the Broker I joined had a slogan, 

Make friends, serve people. 

Heck to the Yeah!

So simple 

So basic

Yet, so overlooked. 

Too many folks in sales are focused on selling rather than serving. 

Focus on serving your peeps. Making friends. Genuinely caring about people that you work with. That’s the business model.