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In True Form, God speaks to us every morning.

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Sunday was one of those days. Do you know when you show up to the church and the entire service is for you? Like, I don’t know what y’all just got out of that, but that was straight,  for me. Like God was speaking directly to me and what was on my heart,  given my week.  I’ll give you a very short story. Last week I attempted to pull the check that I had planned for the church, planned for tithing.

Another need arose, that needed a significant amount of money right away, so I planned to reallocate my giving for the month. Not skip, just reallocate, just move it up a bit.......
I thought I’ll get to it later,  and I asked my assistant to pull the check.
To my surprise, checks were already disbursed and  I could not make the planned change.

I picked up checks, which is unusual, as all of my checks are mailed straight out. I had a check ready for church as I entered Sunday.

The entire service was on tithing. Not just tithing based on the biblical ten percent and what we are supposed to be doing.
I’m going to paraphrase here, the whole service could be summed up with this............. if you’re not tithing and not giving that ten percent, you’re not trusting God enough and not open to abundant blessings.

Again, paraphrasing, but boy did speak to my heart! I was able to drop my check in the bucket and feel really proud, I am able to give with a grateful heart. I feel it changes the energy of the money when it’s actually
touched and handed over. I’m telling you, Sunday was for me.

I love it when exactly what God has put on my heart that week, is exactly the thing I need, exactly what I need to hear, the truth that needs to be spoken to me, it’s right there waiting for me as soon as I’m willing to receive it.

It really makes me wonder, how often, is God is speaking to me, and I’m too busy, to slow down, be quiet,  be still, and just listen.

The rest of our sermon was on everything else you should be doing along with tithing such as weekly Fellowship, church, and being in the word daily.

One of my favorite things to do is our devotional time in the morning. Kristina and I spend every morning working out, Monday through Friday and we finish with sauna time and our devotional.

A devotional is just a scripture with a small application and then the question. What does this mean in my life today God?

We finish our devotionals with our intentional prayer and I then enjoy my meditation time.

This started my first year in Mexico. On our first mission trip, I was introduced to devotion time. Every morning we leave our tents and gather in the dirt under the bright sun, for our devotional, prayer time, and journaling. This is the tradition, the habit,  we brought back from Mexico. How I look forward to every morning!

In true form, God speaks to us every morning. This morning is no exception. Sometimes, it just blows my mind!

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