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What Inspired Living is to me

What Inspired Living is to me


This is my first blog post. I am excited to start a blog about INSPIRED LIVING, and what that means to me.

If you read my bio, you know I find inspiration everywhere. I  recently  given a lot of thought to creating inspiration.

I find inspiration within my career. Helping people avoid rent and own their own home is one sort of inspiration when they figure out how they can make their money work for them instead of paying someone else’s mortgage.

There is great inspiration helping sellers with a great amount of equity, sell their home and cash out!

Perhaps my favorite is helping new  investors make money with their money and find a good  cap rate and a terrific rate of return.

My motivation in wanting to work is to find ways to give back. I met a man some time ago who really impacted me. Chad had just started his insurance career. I met with Chad to get to know him better and understand what coverage I needed. What I found is Chad started a non profit with a partner, which was run by volunteers. This coffee shop was able to send all profits to help sex trafficking victims in other countries. I was so astounded by what Chad had set up and the generous spirit that his company was built upon. I of course sent all of my business to Chad, and encouraged others to do the same. When I sold a home I would ask my buyers to speak to Chad to get a quote on Home owner’s, someone would often say ” I want to check with Geico and maybe a few others and see what deal I can get.” I would tell my buyer’s Chad’s story and tell them that Chad was really making a difference in the world. I think it is  important to use those who are giving back! Is it more important to save $10? Or more important to know you are personally making a difference in sex trafficking? To me the choice is obvious.

This led me down the path of finding a inspirational way to give back.

On my journey to find a non profit ( because not everyone can start a non profit volunteer run coffee shop to support sex trafficking victims, see Orgin Coffee)

I found several really great causes. I met with Jenn from SWEET-DREAMS.ORG and I knew this was the non profit for me! Jenn made it so easy to get involved, literally, get involved.sweet-dreams-bed Come help us paint, or clean, or make pillows. I have fundraising in my blood, and love the opportunity to organize fundraisers. SWEET-DREAMS.ORG has given me the opportunity to fund raise on their behalf and find ways to broaden awareness. So what does SWEET-DREAMS.ORG do? SWEET-DREAMS.ORG gives dream bedrooms to children battling life threatening illness. In itself this i s an amazing gift. As I really started to think about it, it is down right INSPIRATIONAL!! You take a little kid who has been in the hospital for weeks, and under gone chemo therapy and does have much to look forward to in their immediate future and you give them a dream bedroom? That changes perspective! If you have a will there is a way. This child now has a reason to want to heal and get home to their dream bedroom.sweet-dreams-visit


What inspires you?

I would love to hear from you!


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