About Joanna Mangohig


Hi I am Joanna Mangohig

I am the Team's Social Media Expert and Overall Virtual Assistant. I started working with Jessica and her team for 4 years now and I am enjoying being part of it.

I love Traveling, Painting, Designing and Cooking.

If you don't find me at home working probably you will find me at the airport, flying to my next destination, exploring local markets, thrift shops, coffee shops and secluded beaches of South East Asia.

Working remotely for the team has been Life changing and it makes me express my creativity and grow more business wise and as a person. It makes me express who I am through designs, flyers, banners, blog, social media posting.. NAME IT I CAN DO IT!! And most of all it has given me the opportunity to help my family and be location independent.

I love being involve in the community. I would see myself doing social work someday if I will be not in this line of business anymore. I love helping out and serving people. And I hope being in this business would help me connect with the right community and group of people.

Joanna Signature

Marketing manager extraordinaire!
I’m in charge of ALL things social.
If it’s pretty, and engaging, it’s me!! 

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