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Listing Agent or Project Manager?

When I take on a listing here are just a few of the things that happen.
1-initial walk-through
2-deciding what work would be done
3-calling in all of my vendors to get the best price
4-calling all inspections at my cost
5-again using my vendors to bid work according to inspections
6-managing the work that will be done the cost of the work that will be done and the timeline so that I can beat everybody there and keep everything moving

OK, now the work has been scheduled
And we are finishing up all of the projects around the house. Pest inspection has been done, and dry rot is being replaced roof inspection has happened and roof work is taking place, home inspection has happened and Handyman is fixing small items throughout the house.

Now are ready to schedule cleaning and staging

I now call out my best cleaners and pay for the cost and cover the staging for free. For homes where my clients are still living, we simply rearrange move things to storage and hang your pictures with pops of color

7-finish repairs

8-organize and pay for cleaning

9-organize and bring in Staging

Premarket it consists of putting your house on out to the universe on several hundred platforms as “coming soon”

11- offering a BONUS, we target every agent from Sac to SF and offer BONUS!

12- raffle prize and a reason to stop by

13- target every agent that just sold close by and offer BONUS and raffle for buyers at a sneak peek

14- invite 100 neighbors to sneak peek

15- 250 platforms online, FB ads and Instagram commercial. Youtube video and Pinterest funnel.

16- sneak peek


18- organize showings and report back with feedback

19- the night of offers! Seller multiple counters?
Or acceptance of one?

30-IN ESCROW!!!!!

Listing your home is a big job.
If laid correctly, it can be a smooth process.
Our sellers enjoy peace of mind.
We have taken care of everything upfront.

I thought it would be fun to give you a peek behind the curtain, of what goes into listing a home.

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