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Loving your life!


I do love my life. Most of the time.
I am reminded that in seasons where there is difficulty there will also be wins.

When in a season of difficulty, my favorite thing to do is serve others. So hard to wrap your mind around serving others, while going through anything difficult, but for me, It is ALWAYS the perspective shift I need.

Recently, while busy at work, and with my younger child that has had a really rough year, I began to wallow.

I had the unique opportunity to help a friend, a daughter in law to be, and a couple of adorable little girls.

It was while life coaching, cleaning and organizing new business, while volunteer babysitting as a favor, that I received my break through!

My life is a cake walk, compared to others. I needed that perspective change. I do love my life.

As my 3 month volunteer shift comes to end, I am reminded to jump in where needed. Not to worry about being too busy, and worry instead if I can help
someone else.

As that volunteer season shifts changes to occasional coaching, cleaning, and babysitting, I’m ready to gear up for my 3rd Mission trip with Bayside to Mexico to build another house!

My heart is full of joy!
I love the opportunity to serve.
I love the abundance of work, and referrals. I actually love working 7 days a week.
So busy loving my life………..

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