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#PlantBasedMinistry: Pineapple

Today, I ate a 🍍 pineapple

Not a slice of pineapple, a chunk of pineapple, not a bowl of pineapple, a whole pineapple!

It sounds crazy. That’s way too much sugar. Right?

Get a grip, people! It’s fruit. Fruit is good for you! Fruit and vegetables are the best whole food ,nutrient-rich food, on the planet!

Fruit is one of my very favorite things to eat. I love dried fruit, I try to eat as much fresh fruit as possible. I often bring a bag of cutie tangerines along in the car with me for a snack. Then I eat all 2 pounds
Same with the small apple bags they usually come in 3-pound sacks and they’re perfect for snacking while I’m in the car

Fruit is affordable, abundant, and great for your body. EAT UP!

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