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SO GOOD!!! vs OK

When asked how are you? How often is your response SO GOOD!

This has been one of those weeks that every time I’ve been asked my response has been so good, life is so great! But it did make me stop and wonder how often my response has just been, fine (yawn)

So What is the difference between having a so-so, fine, kind of response vs having a So good life?

Part of this is our perspective.
If our perspective allows this light to shine to others, the enthusiasm that comes from SO GOOD, is enough to be encouragement to the next person.

What if we brought everyone we meet to this level of SO GOOD?

I had an experience last Sunday that brought all of this into perspective for me.
Maybe you can relate?

My phone that I was using for notes at church, starts blowing up.
I have showing requests, sellers that needed updates and buyers that wanted info on new listings.

I headed to the exit, with tunnel vision.
I can’t talk to anyone, I need to start returning calls as soon as I reach the exit and race to my first showing!!

Then someone stopped me….
Hello friend…
are you new here?
I don’t think we have met?
What’s your name?
How long have you been here?
What do you do for work?

As I quickly begin to answer questions, I’m asked how is business? Are you having great success?

I stuttered, it’s it’s decent….. I mean I’m busy, and, it’s pretty good.
My answer not being convincing enough for my new friend. He followed up with “ can I pray with you and for your business?”

How do you pass that opportunity up?
Then my new friend told me he is also in the industry and a motivational speaker
(Obv) and proceeded to give me a motivational pep talk.

I left thinking, I’m enthusiastic now!
What if my response would have been different? Had I not felt pressure and hurried at that very moment, could I have shown up differently for meeting someone new?
Could I be….SO GOOD, rather than OK?
Could I ignite someone else within a first meeting?
Spread some enthusiasm?

In my own personal development I am aware of how I show up, and how what energy I’m putting out. This meeting reminded me, to be more mindful, and to expect more everyday. Even on the rushed days, even when my phone is blowing up.
To show up with the contagious enthusiasm!
I want to show up as….. SO GOOD!!!
Rather than just OK.

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