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What makes us different at Inspired Living

What makes us different at Inspired Living

When I first started in Real Estate I worked individually. Being a Top Achiever and Master Club Member, I am competitive and hard working. I joined forces with Allison James Estates & Homes in 2015, to provide the highest level of service to our clients. I added a very valuable Real Estate assistant and Transaction Coordinator. Our team is TRULY available 24/7!!!

We have been able to take the very best service professionals and create a unique team. We have professional cleaners, stagers, photographers, videographer and marketing professionals. We also have the ability to announce every new listing on the radio, and have a unique way to get a crowd to every property. 

As we organized our team, we asked ourselves…… If we were thinking of selling, what would we want from our agent”? Here’s what makes us different!

  1. AVAILABILITY– by phone, text, or email if there was a question
  2. AMAZING NEGOTIATER- we would want someone that is able to negotiate for the very best deal on our behalf. Someone who really knows the ins and outs and every clause to protect your interests in the new contract.
  3. FAIR PRICE- we would want a fair price for services rendered. 
  4. EVERYTHING- we would want someone to arrange absolutely everything that may be needed to sell a home for the best possible price. We would want to know that every detail is handledand there is a team tohelp facilitate every move of the process.
  5. MARKETING- In this market, 90% of buyers begin looking online. It is extremely important to have a social media presence and be listed among all 300 search engines that buyers may use to search for a home. 

Each new listing is BOOSTED so are able to capture a greater audience by including


In addition we offer –

  1. Top to bottom cleaning and staging. 
  2. Professional pictures and videography of home.
  3. Enter the property in MLS with maximum allowable photographs, photographs with detailed descriptions that create positive interest in the home. Create exclusive “pre showing” to group of TOP agents in area. Design raffle and prizes to engage agents and hold “ pre showing” then begin office tours and public open houses schedule.
  4. Put a professional sign in the front yard with a phone number that goes directly to us. (Some companies the call goes to the floor agent. The floor agent is there to get prospective buyers for themselves, not to sell the listing the client is calling about. Most of the time the floor agent wants to direct the buyer to another home.)
  5. Provide a lock box for ease of showing for buyer’s agents.
  6. Place home on internet sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, and MANY others.Announce the new listing on the Radio!
  7. Create a professional web flyer for emailing and web advertisements. Paper flyer for the box on the property.
  8. Speak with any agent who shows the property to get feedback.
  9. Hold open houses to showcase your property.
  10. Follow up on each showing for feedback and to encourage offers.

At Inspired Living we offer the very best marketing and the highest level of service. This sets us apart is what makes us different from the competition! 

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