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Whatever the universe has for me today!


Some days I help my clients move.
Often I help my clients clean, paint, and move in. This isn’t really part of my job but something I really enjoy doing.

Other realtors often tell me that I will soon reach a point where I won’t be able to do all of these things. I’m glad I don’t get bummed out by what other people think. I’m doing more business than the average with 40 to 50 transactions a year and I do have time to help my clients, and put away their kitchen! ( as a matter of fact)
I love my day today, but I enjoy taking a day to help move, when needed, rather than my usual workflow.

So as I started this great Monday morning. I have to keep in mind, I’m keeping today open for whatever the universe has in store. Once again a moving day, I will spend my day packing cleaning painting and unloading.

I won’t be available for many other items
I’m just going with the flow, man.

I think this is the difference between people who get super stressed out people like me to just go with the flow stay open to whatever the universe is bringing today.

Today will certainly bring a second workout, the opportunity to walk in additional 10,000 steps, and probably eat a second dinner if I desire. So my friends, sorry if I missed your call today......
Today I am, I’m staying very open to whatever the universe brings

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